Phifer Mosquito Screens

Ever since we launched Phifer Mosquito Screens, the menace of mosquitoes is over. The trouble from insects is now history. The problems with pests has been put to rest!

Phifer screens, made with cutting-edge technology, can be custom-made for windows and doors and offers complete protection from the menace of mosquitoes.

The screens are invisible and hence offers an uninterrupted view of the outside and adds to the aesthetic of your home.

They are 100% natural, lead-free and flame-retardant and are easy to fit and easier to wash. What more, they are kid-friendly and pet-friendly too!

Unique Features:

  • Speciality screening with increased visibility and outstanding durability
  • The only screen with anti-bacterial protection
  • Allows superior airflow and adds to the aesthetics of your home
  • Is flame-retardant (NFPA Certified)
  • Offers assured customer support
    • Professional installation
    • After-sales service
    • Call centre for help – both pre and post purchase

Interested in dealing with Phifer’s Products?

Aladian Ventures is offering franchises to showcase Phifer’s range of products. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss with you on how we can be associated!